Again, the time has come and gone.

Hello All,

I can not believe that is has been almost two years since my last post. Let me take this post to do a quick summary of what has been happening over the past two years. Buckle up and hold on...

Shortly after writing my previous post in March 2014, my boyfriend(at the time)and I broke- up. The long distance relationship was working but it was looking like the relationship would not last in the long run. It hurt for the both of us but in the end it was the right thing for us to do. I was planning on returning to Oregon at the start of the 2015 year because of the relationship, but I could now look atthe possibility of staying in New York.
New York held my heart while Oregon
understood my past. 

As the months went by I focused on myself, well more like took a break from the dating scene. After the workday was done I was able to focus on myself and the things that made me happy. I would go to my choice of movie, get dinner where I wanted to, caught up on my favorite TV series, continued work on my photography, and most often just spent the night in my pjs and went to bed early. It was nice to enjoy my time and not worry about what someone else wanted or needed from me. It was nice to be selfish for awhile.

Come the end of the summer I started looking into dating again, so I updated my profile on my go- to dating website. Within a few days I had a few men "winking" or liking my profile. There were a few failed correspondents but a few opportunities to get dolled up and get my dinner paid for, tehehe. Little did I know that one of these dates would end up being my husband, Michael.

That's right, it was love at first sight, didn't even know I believed in it or thought it was possible. It was a simple first date, dinner and a movie. My first impression of him was as follows, "Oh my, what a handsome man" and I thought he was making a mistake going on a date with me. I honestly thought he was out of my league but as the weeks went by I saw he was my true prince. In the beginning we were up front and honest as to what we were looking for in a relationship as we were both tired of dating.

He proposed in December while on a visit to my Dad's home in Salem, Oregon. Back in New York, we spent the next 8 months planning our beautiful but simple August wedding. We were both blessed to have his family, my family, and closest friends in attendance. After the wedding, Michael surprised me with our Cancun honeymoon for 10 glorious days in the sun and on the beach.

Since then we have returned to New York where Michael continues his work as a systems engineer and I have been given the opportunity to pursue my interest in photography and social media. I do have to note that before our wedding in August I was given the opportunity to showcase some of my photography at a local exhibit. It was nice to finally share my work and encouraged me to keep going with it. Anyway, our lives are full of ups and downs but we are both looking forward to our future together. 

I hope you will all follow along with this blog and my other blog, which is yet to be revealed. Love you and miss you all!


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